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Product Description

Sleeping on pure silk is a true luxury which everybody deserves to experience. With its sumptuous softness and myriad of health benefits that come with it, it's no wonder silk is known as the queen of fibres. Our 19 momme silk bed sheets are made from 100% Grade A pure Mulberry silk with a traditional charmeuse weave.

Skin Benefits

The secret to supple skin with fewer wrinkles lies in our pure silk sheets. Unlike traditional bed linen, silk aids in the regeneration of your skin whilst you sleep by retaining moisture and rehydrating your skin throughout the night, making you look younger and more refreshed when you wake up. 

Hair Benefits

Wake up flawless with hair that’s as smooth as silk. Frizzy hair, split ends and 'bedhead' will be a thing of the past as the unique texture of our silk bed linen reduces friction and retains moisture in your hair rather than drying it out, leaving you with healthy, shiny locks worthy of hair envy.

Health Benefits

Silk bedding has the unique ability to work in sync with our bodies and can help with allergies, temperature regulation and various skin conditions because of its naturally hypoallergenic properties, inbuilt temperature regulator and the amino acids present in silk which help to reabsorb moisture back into skin.

Find out more about silk and its benefits in our guide on the blog.

Lowest price promise - At Diamond Bedding, we stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee that no other retailer offers better quality silk sheets at such an unbeatable price.

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