At Diamond Bedding, we like to pride ourselves on customer service, but don't just take our word for it, look at all the positive reviews from our happy customers!

M Huggan

I have for yrs always bought my bedding and down duvets from qvc shopping channel,which are beautiful but my down duvet needed replacing and they don’t seem to have them anymore,I never thought I would be able to replace it at the quality until I came across Diamond Bedding,It arrived today and it’s absolutely beautiful.It’s great to know where to buy now in future,Thank you so much Diamond Bedding

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

E Tamms

As someone who has never written a review in their life I think this really means something if I am taking the time out to do this! I am in LOVE with the product and I had to comment and review it as it's so beautifully made and really does make bed time a more pleasurable experience for me.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

J Ashton

I was so pleased to find Diamond Bedding online. I like to think I know a bit about quilts having a large family. I have learned cheap synthetic quilts are false economy and have proved that buying the best pays off. I am thrilled with everything about the quilt from this company including the price and their service is amazing. I am also pleased to have found an ethical company as I think we are all trying to 'do our bit' for the world.
As one who rarely writes reviews, this is a volume - shows how pleased and impressed I am!

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet


P Atkins

Bought a Hungarian all down super king quilt to replace a synthetic , what a brilliant choice.. arrived on time, and soon on active service and was pleasantly surprised.. very warm lightweight and felt good. iF you are hesitating .. don’t! This is a quality product from a firm that delivers the promise. Customer service and patience of MATT who does the online chat/questions is worthy of mention. Inspired confidence and no hard sell. I wish more online sellers were represented so well

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet


D Mecke

Well firstly I'd like to say that I never write reviews, but on this occasion I really had to. Firstly when on the site there is a chat icon I spoke to a lovely chap can't remember his name but I think it was Dave (Sorry if I've got it wrong ) he was fantastic explaining the difference between their duvets.  I am extremely pleased with the quality of the duvet, I have read others saying how light it is and like sleeping under a cloud, I understand now what they mean. The service that they provide is next to none, they dispatch the same day and keep you informed by message when to expect it delivered. No waiting in all day for the courier, they give you the time within the hour. Would recommend with no hesitation definitely 5 stars. Pleasure doing business with them and will buy off them again.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet


A Blackmore

I've been wanting a down duvet for some time. Each time I've tried them, I've found them to be messy, dusty & smell. 
It can be expensive experimenting. 
I've bought a 100% Hungarian Down K.Sized Duvet from Diamond Bedding & it's excellent. 
Feels lovely, snuggly, warm yet light - aiding a delightful nights sleep. 
It doesn't smell of "Oily Ducks" or leach out of its down proof encasing causing a dust & down covered bedroom or a sneezing allergen. 
I would never buy a duvet with any feathers in it as I feel a few will always work themselves out. Well made, good quality, cost was a lot cheaper than lesser quality ones available elsewhere & I'm delighted with my purchase. 
Phew, I got it right this time & would purchase bedding from this company again. 
Thank you for a great product - yours very satisfied 

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet


 Pete Hughes

Was deciding between a few companies and decided to go with these guys, glad I made the right choice. The duvet maintains the perfect temperature.

Ultimate Goose Down Duvet

A Brickwood

I bought this as a housewarming gift for my daughter and she loves it, the quality is also far more superior than my own goose down duvet so I'll be looking to purchase this for myself soon

Ultimate Goose Down Duvet


K Lee

As somebody who suffers from night sweats - I was recommended a wool duvet and I haven't looked back since...The autumn duvet is perfect for all year round use as as it seems like it's impossible to overheat in these duvets!

Jess C

This is my 3rd purchase from Diamond Bedding and you've never ceased to amaze me. From the quality of your products to the fast 24 hour delivery.

-Ultimate Goose Down Pillow

Michelle Robinson

I've purchased many Hungarian goose down pillows in the past which tend to go flat after a while but this pillows definitely held up to the test of time.

-Hungarian Goose Down Pillow


This duvet is great for keeping me warm in the winter, easily surprasses any other Hungarian down duvets I've tried in the past.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Caroline Williams

Ordered the all season duvet and I can't fault it, the two duvets joint together keep me and my husband warm for the winter then we can use the summer duvet on its own during the summer months

Ultimate Goose Down Duvet

Karen Collins

I have a stiff neck so this pillow has helped out immensely thanks to its softness.

-Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

J Priestley

We've always had synthetic duvets so we decided we'd take the plunge and pay for a goose down duvet, it's much softer,lighter and warmer than our old synthetic ones

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

M Thompson

An expensive pillow but thoroughly recommend it. Most comfortable pillow you can wish for, it provides great support and shapes to your head position.

-Ultimate Goose Down Pillow


Ruth P

I'd just like to say thanks to the team at Diamond Bedding especially Matt, the duvet is perfect.

-Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

A Wood

This would happen to be the most comfortable pillow I've slept on

- Ultimate Goose Down Pillow


Brenda W


-Hungarian Goose Down Pillow


Alice T

Fast delivery!

Ordered at 5pm and the duvet was already with me the next morning

- Ultimate Goose Down Duvet


Harriett Bennett

Can definitely feel the difference in my skin.

I was curious to try these pillowcases out after reading about the benefits of silk in a beauty magazine and I haven't been disappointed, my hair and skin felt much smoother from the first night! Can't wait to see how it helps in the long run.

-Silk Pillowcase



Keeps me warm throughout the night.

This duvet is great for keeping me warm in the winter, easily surprasses any other Hungarian down duvets I've tried in the past.

-Hungarian Goose Down Duvet


J Davis

Like sleeping on clouds! Having been recommended this pillow by a friend, I can definitely say this pillow lives up to its reputation!

Ultimate Goose Down Pillow


Jane S


After I tried and loved the goose down pillow which I initially ordered, I came back to order the goose down duvet and couldn't be more satisfied with the service. Will order again.

-Ultimate Goose Down Duvet


E Ward

Can't believe the quality!

Having purchased my goose down duvets from John Lewis in the past, I came across this site as I simply couldn't afford to pay £200+ each time for a duvet, I was shocked when I saw the prices! The quality's the exact same too, thanks again guys for allowing me to change my delivery address after I placed the order!

-Ultimate Goose Down Duvet



Arrived the next day!

Ordered on Thursday afternoon and the duvet was already with me the next morning!

-Goose Feather And Down Duvet



Wish I purchased this years back!

Due to my neck pain, I purchased the pillow after researching into goose pillows and I haven't looked back since. I've already purchased one for my husband who also loves his!

- Goose Feather And Down Pillow