5 Questions To Ask When Buying Your New Goose Down Duvet- Part 1

Since there are so many retailers out there offering goose down duvets for different prices, you need to make sure that you’re not being misled into purchasing an inferior quality goose down duvet. After all, if you’re paying between £150-£300 for a duvet then it needs to meet all the standards expected of a premium goose down duvet. Not to worry though, the experts at Diamond Bedding have made this detailed guide to help you out with your duvet purchase!

Percentage of goose down

Although many retailers advertise their duvets as a  ‘ goose down duvet ‘ you may have been disappointed to find that the actual content of the duvet was only 80% goose down and the rest of it was made up of feathers. That’s not what you would expect from a duvet titled as a goose down duvet! Especially when you’ve paid so much for it, so we recommend that you thoroughly check the product description to find out exactly how much goose down there is in your duvet. Shortcuts are taken by retailers to reduce the costs of production and unfortunately for you, this means having a duvet that’s been partly filled with feathers to cut down on costs!

Fill power

Next, you’ve found a goose down duvet with the ideal percentage of goose down that you wanted, so now you’ll need to find out the fill power of the goose down used in the goose down duvet. The fill power would determine how insulating your duvet would be, the softness and weight of your duvet and the longevity of the duvet too. For example, if your duvet has a low fill power of 550, then it won’t be as insulating nor will it be as light, the duvet will also flatten over a short period of time thus leaving you with a useless duvet! The duvet will also be very thin as it won’t be that ‘puffy’ look which you would expect from your duvet. This is because the goose down would have a low fill power so it wouldn’t loft up to its full potential. On the other hand, if you compare this to our Hungarian goose down duvet which has an 800 fill power, not only will it be lighter, but it will provide more insulation! A 13.5 tog duvet from a Hungarian goose down duvet with a lower fill power would not be able to provide as much insulation as a Hungarian goose down duvet from Diamond Bedding. Our duvet would also last longer due to its higher fill power so it would be much more cost effective to buy your goose down duvet from us.

To conclude part 1 of our useful guide, we hope that you take these two crucial factors into consideration before purchasing your next goose down duvet! Making a large purchase like that requires time and research, something which we fully understand which is why we created this guide to make it easier for you. Or you could just purchase one of our duvets from Diamond Bedding which already meet all these requirements!