5 Questions To Ask When Buying Your New Goose Down Duvet- Part 2

Since you will have read part 1 of our guide, you will know that we address all the important factors which you should consider when buying your goose down duvet. In this guide, we will start off by talking about the source of goose down.

 During your search for a new duvet, you may have noticed that there are Hungarian goose down duvets, Siberian goose down, Canadian goose down a few other less well known sources. But what is it that differentiate these duvets? Generally, Hungarian goose down and Canadian goose down have the reputation for being the best in the world. This is because these geese will be larger so they will have larger down clusters, thus representing a higher fill power and a higher level of insulation. The Hungarian goose down duvet which we sell represents quality and fine workmanship, it’s no wonder as to why it’s our best selling duvet.

Filling weight is also another important factor to consider when buying your new goose down duvet. Quite a few retailers tend to cut down on costs by using less goose down filling inside the duvet, thus making the duvet very flat and thin. This not only affects the aesthetics of the duvet but it also affects the insulation ability of the duvet as there isn’t enough goose down inside to help the duvet perform its job! All our goose down duvets at Diamond Bedding are adequately filled to ensure the duvet keeps you warm at night and lasts for years to come. After all, a goose down duvet is a long-term investment, these aren’t ordinary duvets that can be thrown away after a few years.

The fabric on the duvet should be a good indicator as to how important the manufacturer perceives quality. Although most of the manufacturers will use a cotton cover on their goose down duvet to ensure it’s down proof, the cotton cover may be of a low thread count which means that the cheap fabric won’t feel smooth. It will be rough to the touch and make a rustling noise each time the duvet is shuffled as it will be caused from the sound of the duvet’s fabric grazing against each other.  

The stitching on the duvet should also be monitored closely as a good quality goose down duvet will be double stitched. If a duvet has any other sort of stitching method such as single stitching then these duvets won’t last long at all. The stitching will quickly come  apart and the goose down is likely to leak out of the duvet too.

Lastly, the duration of the guarantee of the duvet speaks a thousand words itself. If a company offers anything less than a 7 year guarantee on their duvet, then you should ask yourself why they can’t promise to guarantee their duvet for any longer? Especially since goose down duvets are expected to last for up to two decades. Check out our exclusive range of duvets today! Especially our Hungarian goose down duvet which has been voted 5 stars.