A Guide To Goose Down Pillows

We tend to get asked many questions about our pillows by customers when they are deciding to buy a goose down pillow from us, so we decided to put this guide together which should answer all your queries. All these factors are important when looking at purchasing a goose down pillow as all these details contribute to the overall quality of the pillow.

For starters, you need to make sure that the pillow has a 100% goose down filling. There are many retailers out there who are only offering goose down pillows with a 70%-90% goose down filling and the rest is made up of goose feathers. You don’t want to purchase these! A pillow which has feathers inside will annoy you throughout the night since it will keep poking you in your sleep! For the utmost comfort, a 100% goose down pillow is recommended so you can ensure that you are getting the most premium quality pillow for your money. If a retailer only has 90% goose down filling on a goose down pillow, then how many other shortcuts could they have taken to cut down on costs thus reducing the quality of your pillow? At Diamond Bedding, all our goose down pillows contain 100% goose down.

The quality of the fabric also tells a lot about the pillows quality in general. Generally, whilst retailers may use a pure cotton cover for their pillow, if it’s only 233 thread count then that should automatically ring alarm bells as the retailer has used a poor-quality cotton on an expensive pillow. All of our pillows come with a minimum of 300 thread count, whilst our Hungarian goose down pillow carries a 400 thread count! There’s nothing more relaxing than resting your head on such a soft, luxurious cover after a long day.

Fill power and the filling weight of the goose down is another concern. We have noticed an increasing trend where manufacturers like to use less goose down filling inside their goose down pillows. This results in a flatter pillow, which will only become flatter after time! If a manufacturer has only used half the amount of goose down filling in their goose down pillow, then that explains why they can afford to sell it so cheap.

In terms of fill power, our Hungarian goose down pillows come with an impeccable fill power of 800. This guarantees that the Hungarian goose down filling in the pillow has been sourced from the best possible sources available and that your Hungarian goose down pillow will last for many years to come! Any goose down pillows with a low fill power will lack in quality, comfort and longevity.

We hope that this guide will help you in choosing where to buy your new goose down pillow from. All our pillows and goose down duvets come double stitched, with piping to ensure a luxurious finish. We are proud to say that we have a very satisfaction rate on our goose down pillows and it’s not hard to see why, we go out of our way to manufacture the highest quality products at Diamond Bedding!