Celebrating our 10,000th Order from Australia: A Big THANK YOU to Our Australian Fans

This Tuesday marked a special day for us at Diamond Bedding. We received our ten-thousandth order from Australia. To say that we are jubilant would be an understatement.

Our international free shipping feature has been a tremendous hit among our international fans and today, we ship to all countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, and others. However, Australians have been our biggest and most loyal fans outside of the UK. Shipping to Australia takes a few days and the fact that they are ready to wait the additional time to get our products warms our hearts at Diamond Bedding.

We are proud to be the recipients of so much love from them and were naturally curious to learn what they like the most about our products. So, we sent a short survey to some of our recent Aussie shoppers asking them what they liked the most about our products. Here are their most common responses.

Here are the top 6 reasons they liked us.


1.     Breathability

Our Hungarian goose down duvets are a hot favourite among our Aussie shoppers. They love them for their breathability.


Australia has a diverse climate, which undergoes tremendous change throughout the year. They need something that they can use throughout the year. Our goose down duvet keeps them warm during the cold nights as well as well-ventilated during the warmer days. It wicks away the sweat from the body and keeps them cool, helping them enjoy an uninterrupted sleep session.


2.     Incredibly Lightweight

“I cannot sleep without a duvet over myself, but don’t like the weight of wool or cotton comforters pinning me down to the bed. That’s why I love Diamond Bedding’s goose down duvets. They are so light that it’s like sleeping on a cloud.” – Robert Lee, Shopper.


A lot of people just like to have something over them when they sleep. Our goose down duvets are the ultimate choice for them. The duvets wrap them nicely in their cosy comfort, but do not have much weight of their own.


3.     Consistent Quality

“I've purchased many Hungarian goose down pillows in the past which tend to go flat after a while, but this pillows definitely held up to the test of time.” - Michelle Robinson


The quality of our products is a matter of pride for us at Diamond Bedding. It brings a smile on our face when we read reviews like that. Our Hungarian goose down duvets make use of 800 fill power goose down, which retains its bounciness over many years. It does not stick together. It does not flatten. It does not lose its voluminous nature. Every batch of products that enter our warehouses undergo thorough sample testing to ascertain the product quality. Therefore, when you buy Diamond Bedding, you buy trust that comes with it.


4.     Softness

“An expensive pillow but thoroughly recommend it. The most comfortable pillow you can wish for, it provides great support and shapes to your head position.” -- M Thompson


“I have a stiff neck, so this pillow has helped me immensely, thanks to its softness.” -- Karen Collins


Our goose down pillows are almost therapeutic. They have been designed to conform to the shape of your neck and head, and give you a soft, comfy sleep. The shape memory retaining the ability of our goose down does not offer still resistance against your head, unlike the regular pillows with synthetic filling. This comes handy when you have a stiff neck, as a slight pressure can cause excruciating pain. Naturally, our pillows are quite popular among athletes, sports persons and active people who tend to have sore or stiff neck muscles.


5.     Genuine Silk

“I’ve always loved the feel of silk on my skin and have all my nightwear in silk. But, what disappoints me is that they all lose their silkiness after a year of use and wash. Not this one. It has been 2 years, and I love the feel of this product. In fact, I just purchased another pair for my best friend for Christmas” – Sylvia Bradley


This feedback vindicates our decision to go with 100% mulberry silk for our nightwear line. It is quite common among other brands to use some percentage of other materials like cotton, elastane, or nylon in their so-called “silk nightwear”. They do this to add elasticity, strength, or other properties. But this comes with a drawback. The added material compromises the quality of silk over time, especially after repeated washes. Our 100% mulberry silk nightwear are designed to survive years of usage without losing their high-quality silky feel.


6.     Shipping and Return Policy

“I have bought from these guys many times in the past 2 years and I’ve never been disappointed. My orders always reach me on the promised time (although I do wish they could do overnight shipping to Australia!), and in perfect condition. Never have I needed to replace my orders with them. That’s impressive for an online store. Thank you, DB.” –Carin Hawkins


Our customers desire a comfy, plush, and pleasant sleep when they purchase our products. So, that’s what they get. If there’s a problem with the delivery, we take responsibility for that. It’s our constant endeavour to give our customers the best shopping experience, even if that means incurring a loss on a transaction.


The love showered on us by our Australian fans means a lot to us. To reward them for their trust and loyalty, we intend to shorten the delivery times going forward. More exciting news is to come in the future, and we can’t help but share them with you.

For now, thank you for all the love from the other hemisphere.