Health Benefits of Goose Down Duvets and Pillows

Luxury vs. function: what’s more important to you? Take a minute to consider.

If you’re like us, then you’re probably wondering: why should I? Why can’t I have both? Are they that different and mutually exclusive?

Take your linen, for instance. What is it about high-end pillows and duvets that make them so, well, luxurious?

The plush feel of it as it sinks under your weight; the soft fabric that hugs your cheeks with a soothing touch when you lay on it; the exceptional breathability of the filling material that never gets too warm or too cold through the night. Are these characteristics mere functional benefits or luxury?

At Diamond Bedding, we don’t differentiate between the two. We believe that when form and function meet luxury, magic happens! 

When you use our goose down duvets and pillows, it is the same magic that you experience.

Our customers deserve only the best – be it form, function, or luxury. That’s why our goose down duvets and pillows offer outstanding features that make them great companions through the harshest winter nights and lush to feel in every way.

One doesn’t have to come at the cost of the other!

But, there’s more to this story. Our goose down pillows and duvets aren’t just great winter essentials; they are healthier options for you and your family. If you are curious to know their health benefits, keep reading.


Naturally Anti-allergic

Natural fibers, especially the luxurious goose down fibers, enjoy nature-gifted immunity against all kinds of germs. They do not let bacteria or other microbes accumulate on them, build a colony, and multiply rapidly.

The same cannot be said about artificial fibers. Artificial fibers quickly become binding sites for microbes, especially when they become wet with sweat or oil produced by your skin. Over time, duvets and pillows with artificial fillers or fabrics can become breeding grounds for thousands of verities of microbes and start causing you allergic reactions – itchiness, sneezing, skin infections, respiratory problems, and more.

The naturally anti-microbial properties of goose down protect you against such problems.


Wards Off Dust Mite

Dust mites are such a big menace that they deserve a special mention of their own. Dust mites are everywhere, including and especially in your linen. But, what most people don’t know is the severity of the problems they can cause.

Dust mites are the sources of a litany of health complications in everyone, from children to senior adults. Because of their microscopic nature, they remain hidden from our naked eye in plain view. So, by the time you wise up to their presence, it’s already too late and they’ll have spread extensively in your home. The same reason allows them to invade all fabrics in your home. However, since you wash your clothes often, they don’t become sources of dust mite infestation. Your linens, on the other hand, owing to infrequent (relatively speaking) washing, can offer excellent breeding conditions for dust mites.

Dust mites especially love warm, moisture-laden surroundings, which your linen provides them. Once they multiply to sufficient numbers, they can cause a host of problems ranging from mere itchiness to significant respiratory complications.

Once again, goose down’s natural immunity against dust mites protects you against them and the health complications they bring with them. Your goose down duvets and pillows remain nice, comfy, and hygienic for several months at a stretch without requiring a wash in between.


Lower Risk of Lifestyle Diseases

Health organizations recommend that adults get about 7-9 hours of sleep each night as a routine. But, what many people don’t know is that sleep continuity is as important (if not more) as sleep duration. Sufficient uninterrupted sleep is characterized by natural biochemical processes in the body that heal and upkeep our internal organs against regular wear and tear. When your sleep gets interrupted, these biochemical processes halt, and restarting them isn’t as seamless as you’d hope. Over the years, the accumulated damage from each night of interrupted sleep can snowball into severe complications.

According to CDC, insufficient uninterrupted sleep is associated with various diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and many others.

So, sufficient and uninterrupted sleep cannot be overemphasized, and this is where goose down products come into the picture.

Has it ever happened to you that you turn in your sleep, and you’re suddenly and painfully made aware of the freezing coldness of the pillow on your cheeks? Or, you stretch in your sleep, and the colder regions of your duvet smack you right out of your sleep?

These are some of the common problems of regular duvets and pillows. On the other hand, goose down duvets and pillows work spectacularly during winter. They don’t get too cold or too warm, no matter how much you lie on them. So, you don’t get “rudely” jolted out of your sleep through the numerous twists and turns through the night.

You wake up every morning feeling well-rested, healed, and fully recharged to take on another day.

Over the years, a healthy sleep pattern will keep countless lifestyle diseases at bay and perhaps, extend your life too.


Mitigate Mental Health Problems

More than 50% of UK citizens have trouble sleeping at night. That’s a disturbing statistic by any measure. More importantly, the impact of sleep disorders and insufficient sleep due to non-health reasons on mental health often go ignored. Not getting enough sleep is linked to depression and other mental health problems.

Therefore, once again, the quality of sleep plays a vital role in your wellbeing. As mentioned before, goose down pillows and duvets create a comfy, pleasant, and conducive environment for you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for long hours. While they alone might not help you overcome sleep disorders, they can drastically reduce the distractions and other factors that could be working against you.


Enter The Future

Goose down pillows and duvets aren't just luxurious; they are highly functional products worth investing in for your health. The duvets that you buy today will help you sleep peacefully and comfortably for years to come.