Hurray! Our Goose Down Duvets Are Now A Regular At Hotels

From our humble beginnings as a cash-strapped start-up two decades ago to a trusted supplier of top-notch goose down duvets to world-class hotels, we have come a long way. And, the journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

In hindsight, the path that led us to this stage is quite obvious. The actual journey, not so much. Of course, some factors were working in favour of us all this time, and we were quick to grab the opportunities when they presented themselves.

Here’s a quick list of things that worked in our favour.


1.     So Light. So Soft

There are many reasons why hotels love goose down duvets. The most important reason is that their customers love them. Imagine this – you have just spent an entire day attending a boring corporate event in a different city and you return to your hotel room. As you rest your head on our goose down pillow and pull the duvet over you, you feel the plush warmth of a goose down duvet enveloping you. It’s feather-light. It’s warm. It’s heavenly. Who wouldn’t want that! Naturally, hotels that offer goose down duvets tend to win praises and better ratings from their customers.


2.     Effortless Maintenance

Goose down duvets, by virtue of their filling material, are delightfully lightweight. This makes it easy to clean them by loading a lot more of them into the washing machines. Hotels, which typically clean hundreds of duvets daily, find this aspect of goose down duvets highly convenient for their purpose. It makes their business operations far more efficient.


3.     All-season Choice

Gooses down duvets are the ultimate choice for hotels in countries where the climate tends to be on the colder side. What is also interesting about using a goose down duvet is that it not only warms you during the winter but also wicks away the sweat during the warmer days and keeps you cool inside. It’s breathable, comfy, and a complete pleasure to use. It’s only natural that hotel guests enjoy goose down duvets the most, which means that any customer-oriented hotel would prefer goose down duvets.


Now, all these reasons are great as they made the goose down duvets the staple of many 5-star hotels. But that didn’t bring us success automatically. After all, the competition in this industry is cutthroat, and large retailers can often stifle their competition by leveraging their massive size and operations. External factors could only take us so far. Ultimately, our success would be driven by our internal strengths. Here’s what won the favour of hotels for us eventually.

·       Odourless Down Duvets

We sell only pristine quality, odourless goose down duvets. The goose down we use for our bedding is not subjected to any chemical treatment. Therefore, it is free of any artificial or chemical odours.


More importantly, we use goose down in our products. Most retailers promote their products as down duvets while underselling the fact that the down they use is duck down. Ducks have a diverse diet, which gives their down a filthy odour. On the other hand, geese feed on a strict diet of green grass, because of which their down is odourless. So, hotels using our goose down do not have to subject their goose down duvets to chemical treatment to get rid of their odours every few months.


Lastly, we sell 100% Hungarian goose down duvets. We exercise complete control over the sourcing of the down that goes into our duvets. The geese from which the down in our duvet is obtained is fed only high-quality, green grass. Therefore, our duvets are not only odourless but stay so for years to come.


·       Allergen-free

When customers pay for a 5-star experience, they expect to get a flawless experience and rightly so. They don’t expect to wake up in the middle of the night sneezing uncontrollably or with a bad case of rashes. That often happens with low-quality down and synthetic fibre bed linen when the customers are allergic to them. This problem is non-existent for our products.


Firstly, our world-class manufacturing process eliminates any allergens like dust, mites, and so on from the down we use in our products. Secondly, our high-quality down is naturally hypoallergenic. It does not cause any reactions in the users. So, it’s no surprise that hotels and their customers both love them.


Perfect Bounciness

We fill our duvets with high-fill-power goose down.This makes the duvets super-fluffy and soft. The duvets turn out lightweight and have impressive bounciness to them. High-quality goose down does not lump together either. As a result, the duvets feel plush, comfy, and luxurious.


Who doesn’t love that!


And, the Opportunity Finally Came Knocking

A few months ago, we converted a huge hotel client which enabled us to have our duvets in over 30 different countries worldwide!  They were ready to test our products on a trial basis for a few weeks, and we were happy to offer them a good deal on our products. Over the next few weeks, they received outstanding feedback from their customers on the duvets.

If you need high-quality goose down duvets for your hotel and seek a great deal, please get in touch with us by clicking here.