Is There Really Any Difference Between a £30 Marks & Spencer Feather And Down Duvet and a £75 Luxurious Down Duvet?

A comfortable duvet is all that stands between you and a blissful night of sleep. If you get the right duvet, you can enjoy a full session of uninterrupted sleep that’ll recharge you for the next day. Under the wrong duvet, you are left tossing and turning throughout the night, only to sleep at your office desk in the morning and attract your boss’s ire.

Naturally, we all just want the perfect duvet for our needs. But, what is perfect, anyway? There are so many duvets out there. They all look so comfortable. Why not just buy the softest one or the cheapest one you can find at a retailer like Marks & Spencer and be done with it? Well, that’s one way of shopping for a duvet. Another strategy is to find a duvet that actually meets your unique needs for all seasons of the year. That’s right, there are duvets that you can enjoy throughout the year – summer or winter.

This brings us to the main question – how are they any different from the £30 down duvet at your favourite Marks & Spencer outlet? Let’s find out, shall we.


Down vs Feather

Most of the retailers feature down duvets that aren’t 100% goose down. They have a down-feather ratio in the range of 50:50, 90:10, and so on. Even that 10% or more of feather can make a huge difference to your napping experience.

The difference between down and feather is the difference between a Ferrari and a Vauxhall.

Down is the softest and most luxurious filling material in existence. When you go for the top of the range down like the Hungarian goose down duvet, you are experiencing the very best that the universe has to offer you. Their insulation and cooling capabilities are magnificent. They are lightweight and fluffy. They rarely clump together into masses.

On the other hand, feather can be a very irritating fill material to handle. They stick out of the holes in the duvet covers, or just spike your skin from under the covers. Moreover, their insulation capabilities are far behind that of high quality down. Although they are lightweight, more feathers are required to offer the same level of insulation, which simply ends up making the duvet bulky and rustly. All around, a cumbersome and uncomfortable experience.


Fill Power

Different types of down have different fill power. The higher the fill power, the better insulation a given volume of down can provide. In other words, less down is required to provide more warmth. Typically, retail chains do not advertise the fill power of their duvets. Even when they do, it is usually in the range of 500-600, which is just average. In comparison, the goose down duvets at Diamond Bedding have a fill power in the range of 800.

Higher fill power means that the down is more voluminous. But, just that one aspect of the down can make a huge difference to the quality. In addition to providing better warmth, the naturally voluminous down does not clump together. Therefore, you don’t have to fluff it up after every few uses. They just stay fluffy and comfy for many months without requiring you to keep them that way.

Manufacturing Process

Modern retail chains are money churning machines that keep coming up with inventive and often repulsive business practices to reduce costs and increase revenues. Every one of us is well aware of the fact that retail chains source almost all of their clothing and apparels from sweatshops in Asia. Things are no different for the duvets. Apart from the fact that these duvets are probably made by child labourers, there is never any concern for the birds from whom the down is obtained in as it is a standard practice to pluck down from the live geese, or even kill them for the sake of their down.

Unlike them, the down for the duvets at Diamond Bedding are obtained where human and animal rights are more stringent so the down is obtained in a more humane way without hurting the geese for this purpose.

So, in addition to offering more luxury, Diamond Bedding’s duvets are more humane and animal friendly. That definitely has to be a reason as to why it helps you sleep better at night!


Hypoallergenic By Design

Goose down is naturally hypoallergenic. However, depending upon how the duvets are manufactured, goose down duvets can become allergic. Low quality goose down duvets almost always have their goose down treated with chemicals to clean them. These chemicals end up causing allergic reactions in people.

On the other hand, Diamond Bedding’s goose down duvets are made of the highest quality down which is not treated with any chemicals. The down is washed in a chemical-free environment and hence there is no chemical residue in the down. This way, the hypoallergenic nature of the down is preserved, which makes goose down duvets an excellent choice for sensitive people.



The last thing that makes a luxurious duvet worth its price is its low maintenance requirement. Cheap down duvets are filled with cheap down, which tend to clump together. This is especially true when you put them in water. So, guess what happens after a round of wash? You end up with a lumpy duvet. Is that how you want to sleep, with lumps on your body instead of an uber-comfortable duvet? Then you end up spending hours fluffing it up to make it worth sleeping. But, guess what? It never goes back to its new-like form. This is never a problem with the top of the range goose down duvets at Diamond Bedding.

Another good thing about Diamond Bedding’s duvets is that they do not require regular maintenance. They do not easily get dirty, which means that you can go up to a year or two before you need to wash them. However, the sheer joy of sleeping under a freshly cleaned duvet is something to be only experienced, so why miss it!