The Benefits Of Goose Down

New technology and cheaper materials used in synthetic duvets has meant a move towards lightweight duvets with more features than an electronic keyboard. But for what? Are there any differences in modern duvets, and which ones should you choose?

That’s what we’re going to answer as we delve deeper into the duvet wilderness. The short answer is yes, there are a plethora of differences, but identifying them can be hard when purchasing in store. Our team at Diamond Bedding can help you make your perfect duvet choice for the whole year.

The weather in the UK dictates that 95% of the time, you’re going to want to curl up into the foetal position to shelter from the cold, but when those 5% chance nights come along, it’s important to have a lightweight and cool duvet too. To do this, you’re going to want to choose a goose down duvet.

Goose down and the best duvets on the market.

Made from the underbelly down of geese, they’re popular for duvets and pillows across the world. But what makes them so popular?

  • Good enough for geese: There’s a reason why that duvets are made from the underbelly of geese. The wide-spanned birds flock all over the world from warm to freezing climates with their feathers. These are both waterproof and lightweight for their journeys. With a duvet made from this down, you can be sure of combining featherlike lightness with its natural insulating warmth.
  • Hungary for the best: Hungary is famous for their huge freshwater lake, the Balaton, it’s glittering capital Budapest and their duvets. Hungarian goose down is regarded as the best quality duvet that money can buy. While it drives up the price, it’s worth every penny. The delicate and plump duvets will prove why they’re the premium choice for the bedroom.

That explains why they’re made and what the best type of goose down duvet to buy is, but we’re still looking for why they’re the best. What features does the goose down duvet give you compared to standard materials on the market?

We’re passionate about finding the latest and best duvets available at Diamond Bedding and are always making sure that we stay ahead of the ever-burgeoning duvet market. We understand that your sleep is incredibly important to you. It’s integral for everyone and making sure those precious hours are spent in luxurious comfort is down to choosing a team like ours.

Choose a duvet that benefits those lazy Sundays and bright, early Wednesdays.

Five reasons why you should choose goose down duvets from us at Diamond Bedding:

1. Variety: We’re not only confined to selling our Hungarian goose down duvet, but we have two more varieties to whet your sleeping appetite. While we know that Hungarian goose down duvets have superior quality, we believe our Ultimate goose down duvet and goose feather and down duvet can provide you with the warmth and protection you need through winter, autumn and spring.

2. Hungarian goose down: The features of this duvet deserve a reason on their own. Our Hungarian goose down duvet is packed full of 100% goose down which not only provides you with exceptional insulating qualities but a luscious feeling to it. The baffle box construction keeps the goose down in place while the 400-thread Egyptian cotton cover provides you with soft security. 


3. Lightweight and refreshing: Goose down, as we discovered early, is chosen for the lightness and waterproof features that comes with it naturally. This is what makes our duvets and pillows ideal for both summer and winter. Curl up into the warm goose down during the winter, and let the ventilating features of the duvet rest on you in the summer.

4. Proven to improve your sleep: A goose down duvet naturally calms your temperature to a level where you can sleep in comfort and warmth. Regulating your body temperature and retaining the warmth within the duvet means you can be confident of getting a good night’s sleep.

5. Passionate about bedding: Our team here are passionate about finding the latest products to sell on our website. We’re always searching for the possibility to improve our range for you, our customers. Therefore, we currently hold Hungarian goose down up as the best, because we know that you want the latest information on the perfect duvet for your home.

So, you’ve made your decision for your duvet. That’s in the bag. Now we’re talking about the rest of your bedding set-up. There’s no point going all out for a beautiful, smooth duvet without thinking about your resting head on the right pillow.

Luckily for you, we can also provide you with goose down pillows. You heard it right. The squidgy, soft goose down can be the ideal place to rest your head at night. That’s why our 100% Hungarian goose down pillow will complement your duvet to give you the most amazing night’s sleep.

So, what does the goose down pillow do? Is it just a duvet in a pillow size?

Packed full of goose down, our Hungarian goose down pillow will elevate your head to the perfect position to improve your sleep. The supreme filling and loft ability will ensure you are not sucked into a squished position, but your head is rested atop a mound of comfort.


Available in two types of firmness, Soft or Medium, you can be sure to find the perfect pillow for the best night’s sleep. Encased inside an exceptional Egyptian 400-thread count cover, it is double stitched to ensure that you lose none of the quality over time.

Our passion for bedding of this quality means that we can help you make the perfect choice for your bedroom. With a wide range of sizes and togs, our helpful team will give you all the relevant information you need to sleep easy.

Now you know. Hungarian goose down duvets and pillows are the best, you know their benefits and you can make a clear decision for your bedroom. Ask us a question to discover more about our service.