The History Of Goose Down Duvets

Goose down duvets are the height of quality in the bedroom. Soft yet strong, cool yet warming, they’re a great investment to give you the best night’s sleep possible. However, where do they stem from and what made goose down such a universal bedroom must-have? Here at Diamond Bedding, we’ll tell you where they came from and why goose down is superior.

Duvets and their development

While the origins of duvets remain to be fully verified, it’s fair to say they’re currently enjoying their most popular period. Once a completely novelty in the bedroom, duvets are a mainstay item in the Western world.

The duvet was inevitable in retrospect, but innovative at its inception. The traditional bed coverings in Northern Europe featured multiple layers and folds of linen and blankets. If you’ve ever tried to replenish a hotel bed after you’ve slept in it, that’s what our ancestors were faced with each day.

Now duvets are widely chosen in homes across the world, but similar styles of the duvet have been used for centuries. When they finally burst onto the bedding scene, they were marketed as the ‘ten second bed’ - owing to the simplicity with which you can change and set a bed with a duvet.

Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Princess and the Pea’ is a great example in literary circles, albeit in children’s literature, where the features of duvets and mattresses are prevalent. Written in 1835, the fairy tale centres around a princess being tested for her physical sensitivity, to prove her royal identity.

The traditional fillings of the duvet were the best materials available. Packed full of the down of ducks, these duvets are the precursor to today’s search for the best duvet available. With experimentation came woollen duvets and the use of goose down.

Goose down and the superior duvet qualities it brings

Ducks and geese are both used for their feathers to create stunningly soft and sumptuous goose down for pillows and duvets. The importance of goose down is for its superior lightness and the larger size of down clusters.

Goose Down

The difference between winter and summer means that duvets have to be flexible to cope with the changes in temperature. With goose down, you shouldn’t ever need to heat up your room as the duvet regulates the temperature itself.

With superior quality hidden in its ranks, the goose down duvet has become the height of quality bed clothes. Whereas in previous duvets, feathers were used that would intermittently stick out, goose down was a softer and more comfortable upgrade.

Goose down duvets are packed full of delightfully soft material that keeps you warm. There are many different types of goose down, meaning that it can easily become confusing when selecting one for your home.

The different types of down feathers

Throughout time, the development of duvets has meant that a wide variety of materials have been used and a lot have been short-lived in their popularity. Eventually, quality does begin to show and therefore goose down is now regarded as the best material for a duvet.

Here’s a rundown of the different types of down:

Hungarian goose down: Only the finest goose down is Hungarian, or in some places Poland. These feature bigger clumps of extremely thermal feathers and are a pure white colour. They’re popular in beds for their many advantages to help you sleep better.

Traditional goose down: Europe produces the best type of goose down because of the wide variety of geese that inhabit the continent. Traditional goose down is chosen for its balance of the features of Hungarian goose down, without the large fee.

Combination of goose down and down: The merging of quality goose down with standard down makes for an affordable and warm blend of two feathers. Great for any room in the home.

There are many different types of goose down that are prevalent across the world. Some is manufactured in China, France, United Kingdom, along with popular types of down from Hungary and Poland.

With upgrades in technology and the creation of duvets, it has become standard to see beautifully crafted duvets made with a raft of features. Baffle box constructions to hold in the goose down, the strongest 300-thread count cotton and an unmistakable lightness.

The quality differs from place to place that it is sourced from. Here’s why choosing our team at Diamond Bedding will help you to make your choice easier:

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Take all three of these to appreciate the development of duvets, bedding and the joy of having a good night’s sleep.