What are the Health Benefits of Down Pillows?

Down pillows have always been a symbol of pure luxury and comfort. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, they are uber-comfy, awesomely fluffy, and are just so light. If you ever have imagined yourself living in the most extravagant way, then your idea of a great bedroom definitely includes down pillows. The fact that they are pricey does nothing to stop the extravagant people from getting as many down pillows as they can, and turn their bedroom into a down pillow fortress of a kind. In a nutshell, down pillows have absolutely no any competition when it comes to luxury living. But, did you know that down pillows come with a number of health benefits as well? That’s right. Successive researches on people’s sleep habits have uncovered a range of health benefits offered by down pillows. Let’s check some of them.

Naturally Anti-Allergenic
Down pillows are made of a completely natural material that is designed to be healthy and comfortable to the skin of animals. After all, birds produce the down to protect themselves, and not cause allergic reactions to themselves, right? More importantly, down as a material is anti-allergic. It does not attract bacteria, fungi, or other microbes. This makes it a far healthier option in comparison to any other fill material available in the market.
That being said, you should consider what type of pillow cover you are using on your down pillow. Many of the allergies and infections that happen to people arise out of their pillow covers. Many of these covers, especially those made from cotton, readily absorb moisture and skin oils released by your body. These absorbed fluids create a highly conducive environment for a variety of allergens and infection-causing agents to breed and grow. In turn, they cause complications in people. So, even when you are using down pillows, it is critical that you regularly wash your pillows and their covers for your better health. Silk pillowcases would be a better alternative regardless of your choice of pillows due to their hypoallergenic properties.

Better Quality Sleep and the Associated Benefits
When you go shopping in the market for pillows, you find a variety of fill materials, each of which offer different types of support. Memory foam takes the shape of your body contours, cotton is fluffy in the beginning and gets rigid soon, and wool remains fluffy throughout. But, none of them provide good support for sleepyheads. The reason is that you need different kinds of support for different sleep postures. For instance, when you are sleeping on your stomach, a fluffy pillow can constantly apply force throughout the night, and give you a neck pain in the morning. Similarly, if you are relatively heavy, then your body weight can press the memory foam to the point that it is no more able to provide you any meaningful support. As for cotton, it is avoided by many people for being too hard.
You want the best of all of these worlds, and that’s exactly what the best quality down pillows offer. Hungarian goose down pillows, or European White Goose down pillows as they are also known, combine the fluffiness of wool with the shape-retaining ability of the foam. Suppose you are sleeping on your back, you can fluff up your pillow to get maximum support to your head throughout the night. Unlike cotton, the goose down never gets rigid or lumpy. So, you get awesome, cushioning support throughout the night. Finally, if you are a stomach sleeper, then all you need to do is coax the down in the pillow to a less fluffy form in the region of the pillow where you will be placing your weight. So, you get uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, and wake up every morning without any discomfort.

Better Temperature Control
You might have noticed during the winters that a normal pillow has two zones – one which is currently occupied by your head and the rest of the pillow. The zone where your head rests is warmer because you have been laying there for the whole night. Now, if you decide to twist or turn on the bed, your face or head now comes in contact with the other zone of the pillow, which is ice-cold or worse, freezing. Invariably you are jolted out of your sleep. This cycle repeats throughout the night, so much so that you wake up in the morning feeling unrested and tired. This happens because of the poor insulation properties of your pillow’s fill material.
Goose down pillows have superb insulation properties. They neither get unusually warm nor do they get unusually cold. They are a naturally designed insulating material and protect birds from extreme weather conditions. When they are used as fill materials in the pillows, they do not absorb your body heat and get extremely warm making you uncomfortable. At the same time, they do not get extremely cold because of the cold weather either. So, when you change your sleep posture during the night, you are not jolted back out of your sleep by the extra-cold pillow. The pillow remains very near to the ambient temperature, even when you are not sleeping on it. Naturally, your sleep cycles are deep and satisfying. You feel rested, and energetic enough to deal with your daily routine.

Final Thoughts
Goose down pillows are generally considered to be an expensive product that only the rich can afford. But, that is not true. From time to time, many retailers offer huge discounts on goose down pillows as well. If you want to get some Hungarian goose down pillows or duvets at heavily discounted prices, then you can find them here at Diamond Bedding. You will get superb prices on great quality products. Now, you have no reason to putt off the plans to redo your bedroom. You can create a luxurious and a healthy bedroom that you have always dreamed about, right now.