Who Invented The First Goose Down Pillow?

We can’t sleep without our pillows, but have we ever thought about how life would be if we never had our comfortable goose down pillows?

Although there isn’t a clear answer as to who invented the first pillow, it’s apparent that pillows were first invented around 7000 B.C. They weren’t very comfortable though since the Chinese made pillows out of hard materials as they believed that hard pillows gave the brain energy and helped to cure illnesses whereas softer pillows would steal energy! Very different to our soft, fluffy pillows which we have today.

Although the purpose of pillows nowadays are to be used for comfort, the first pillow was actually made of stone by Egyptians and used to raise the users neck to prevent insects crawling into their mouths and noses!

Ancient Romans and Greeks were the first to design pillows from materials like feathers, straws and wool, so we can thank them for the goose feather and goose down pillows that we have today! It was mainly the upper class which owned these pillows since they costed more to make, nowadays our goose down pillows are affordable for everybody. On the other hand, in Tudor England pillows had a poor reputation and were considered for women giving birth and the weak men. Imagine how times have changed. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution where pillows and other textile goods started becoming popular in England.

So as you can see, pillows had a different purpose in different countries as the Chinese valued pillows as an item which would help their health by boosting energy to their brains whereas the Egyptians used pillows to protect them from insects crawling in their ears and mouth. Luckily now, they have a common purpose all around the world which is to provide comfort for a good night’s sleep. That can definitely be proved with our Hungarian goose down pillows.

In ancient Europe, pillows were generally used in church as the user could kneel on them whilst praying or even placing their holy books on them, this is something which can still be seen today. One thing which all of the different cultures had in common was to place the pillow under the head of the deceased as this was a tradition done by the Greeks, Romans and the Egyptians. It is believed that by doing this, it would provide support to the corpses head and keep the blood circulating whilst also keeping the demons away.

Today, we have come a long way as we have pillows made from all sorts of synthetic materials such as hollowfibre, microfibre and even memory foam. In our natural range, we have materials such as cosy wool pillows and pillows with special goose down fillings originating from unique popular countries such as the popular Hungarian goose down pillow.

If you have any questions about choosing which pillow would be the right pillow for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today who would be glad to assist you in your search for a new pillow.