Why are Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Your Best Option?

Have you ever rested on your bed under a goose down duvet or slept on a goose down pillow?

Then you know what pure luxury is. There is a lot of choice available to you when you are shopping for goose down duvets. But, what is confusing is all the types of goose down that these products list. Is there more than one type of down? And if there are, do they differ from one another? Is one better than the other? The answer to all the three questions is a resounding YES.

The quality of a goose down filled duvet or pillow can be ascertained by the region from where the down has been sourced. Down comes from different regions in the world, and therefore, have very different characteristics. It is easy to differentiate one down from another, because of the marked weather difference between these regions and Hungarians goose down is one of the best around. But, why?

Hungarian Goose Down Clusters are Larger in Size

You have seen a 50p coin, right? A Hungarian goose down cluster is larger than the size of that coin. Why does that matter? Well, the size of the goose down cluster is one of the most significant factors that decides how fluffy the duvet is going to be. Hungarian goose down clusters are large. So, it needs lesser down clusters to fill up a duvet. All the empty space between the clusters creates air pockets, which lends it great insulating properties.

You might have heard the term “fill power” used very frequently in any goose down product description. The lesser the number of down clusters required to fill up a duvet or a pillow, the higher is its fill power. So, always look for goose down with higher fill power. They will be light as a cloud and they will offer better insulation.

Hungarian Goose Down is Luxurious

Hungarian Goose Down duvets and pillows are among the most luxurious products in the world. There is a huge demand for Hungarian goose down. In your quest for that perfect and most affordable goose down, you may come across many other goose down options. But, you are better off without them. Why? Because you are going to end up with a heavy and ineffective goose down duvet, instead of a heavenly light goose down experience.

The reason is in the fill. Hungarian goose down is sourced from the geese in the cold climates of Hungary. The colder the climate, the longer and thicker will be the down. Hungarian goose, therefore, offers long goose down clusters. These increase the fill power of the duvet. On the other hand, most of the other goose down products are sourced from other parts of the world where the geese is bred in tropical climates. These geese have short, stubby down clusters. As a result, more goose down is required to fill up the same size duvet or pillow which increases its weight. It also brings down its insulation properties because there are smaller air pockets.

Hungarian Goose Down is More Resilient

Hungarian goose down is constituted of not only large, but also spherical clusters of down. This structure makes the Hungarian down duvets truly a delight. It is common for products filled with feathers or cheap down to lose their much-desired bounce. They either take a lot of time to regain their original shape after you have slept on them, or they just give away and become flat.

It is a pity when you buy a down duvet or a pillow for how fluffy they are and they just lose that fluffiness after a short while. This is a problem you will never face with a Hungarian down duvet. The air pockets allow them to contour your body as much as possible, while their natural cluster shape makes them resilient to the stress. This ensures that a Hungarian down duvet maintains its shape and hence, its functionality, for a long time to come.

Hungarian Goose Down is better than Any Other Bird’s Down

When you are out shopping for a down duvet, always make sure to read the fine print. You should ensure that you are getting a goose down duvet and not a duck down duvet. Many companies try to stick customers with duck down or goose feathers instead of a goose down product, because it’s way cheaper. Goose down, and especially the Hungarian goose down is much lighter, softer and puffier than = duck down.

Hungarian Goose Down is More Humane

The European Union has strict rules about humane treatment of animals in any of its participating countries. Hungary, being a part of the EU stringently follows these rules, like it has followed for the past decades. The Hungarian goose down is procured in a completely humane and ethical manner.

There are no farms that raise goose primarily for the purpose of sourcing goose down. There is no plucking, trimming, or skinning of the goose down from live birds. There are only two sources for obtaining Hungarian goose down. It is either collected from the meat industry, where the geese are used as an input. Another source for the down are the natural molding that the birds go through as they age. They shed the feathers, which are then collected for commercial purposes.

All the Hungarian down products follow this humane treatment. Today, customers want to know that no animals have been harmed to bring them comfort. This is a huge selling point for Hungarian down products because customers not only want to sleep comfortably, but peacefully too.

You want some Hungarian goose down duvets now, don’t you? Everyone does! You now know how to separate a gem from the ordinary. You are in on the secret and this is exactly why you will be able to recognise the authenticity of the Hungarian goose down duvets, and the Hungarian down pillows available at Diamond Bedding. These are not only the highest quality products in the market, but also incredibly affordable. So, if you are searching for Hungarian down duvets, you know where you can get the best deals in the market. Buy real, pay less, and sleep well.