Why Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen?

Why Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen?

When you are shopping for cotton products – be it shirts, dresses, linen, or something else –you always look for the best quality cotton. But, how do you differentiate between the cotton quality? The most commonly used measure is the thread count. Higher the thread count, the better is the perception of quality. To a large extent, this is true. However, the quality of cotton differs from one cotton variety to another.

But, does it matter?

Well, there is a huge difference in quality between different cotton varieties, and there is a vast variety of cotton out there. So, yes, it does matter. In fact, when you are talking about something like bed linen, on which you sleep for roughly one-quarter of your life, IT MATTERS A LOT.

So, which cotton is the best? The answer is, of course – Egyptian cotton.

Here’s everything you must know about Egyptian cotton, so that you can make a better shopping decision in the future.


1.     The Resplendent Colours

One of the most amazing features of Egyptian cotton is that the fibres are extremely absorbent. This makes them suitable for adding dyes of any colour. The fibres absorb the colours instantly and retain them. Manufacturers can produce beautiful patterns using an eclectic mix of colours on Egyptian cotton linen. The material produces deep coloured patterns that are rich and vibrant. This is one of the many reasons why high-end clothing and textile manufacturers choose this cotton.


2.     It’s The Softest

The real Egyptian cotton is exceptionally soft. But, unlike other soft materials such as nylon, cotton is breathable and has a temperature regulating effect. So, it doesn’t get warm or cold quickly, which translates into extended hours of uninterrupted sleep when you use Egyptian cotton bed linen. More importantly, it feels heavenly on the skin.


When you combine these with one of our soft goose down duvets, you have the ultimate combination of softness and luxury.


3.     There Are Many Copycats

The secret to the unrivalled quality of Egyptian cotton lies in the variety of the cotton and the quality of nutrients in the soil where it is grown. The Nile river supplies the unique mix of nutrients that make it incredibly soft, among other things. The cotton is obtained from the species – Gossypium Barbadense. But, any cotton that is grown in Egypt can be technically called Egyptian cotton, and THEY DO. Several retailers mislead their customers by advertising that they are selling Egyptian cotton products, although what they are selling is obtained from a different species of the cotton crop.


In some cases, the same species of the cotton crop is grown elsewhere in the world. In the United States, cotton obtained from the same cotton crop is known as Pima. It does not yield the same quality cotton as the original Egyptian cotton.


At Diamond Bedding, we have put rigorous quality checking mechanisms in place to ensure that all products in our Egyptian cotton bed linen range are made from the finest cotton obtained from the original Gossypium Barbadense crop in Egypt.


4.     It's Strong and Long

The Egyptian cotton produces high-quality fibre, known as the staple. The Egyptian cotton fibres are longer than the fibres of any other variety. The strength and length of this cotton allow it to be drawn into extra-fine threads, which do not break easily. As a result, the cotton can be used to produce clothes of the extremely high thread counts.


The purest quality of Egyptian cotton produces the best quality fabrics.


5.     It’s Light and Long-lasting

Because of its strength, Egyptian cotton is woven into extra-fine threads, as discussed above. This offers terrific benefits to the users. For instance, the fine threading creates ultra-light cloth material. Despite its low thickness, the fibres are extremely strong, as mentioned before. So, what you get is a lightweight and super-strong bed linen, which lasts you for years.


Invest in good Egyptian cotton bed linen and reap the rewards for years. You won’t have to buy another bed linen for a long time.



6.     Beware of Cheap Products

Pillows and sheets made from Egyptian cotton with a thread count close to 1000 or above can easily add up. However, there is no dearth of retailers that deliberately mislead their customers in numerous ways. Some of them advertise their products as made from Egyptian cotton, despite their products containing just 1% Egyptian cotton.


Shoppers must check the product specifications thoroughly before making the purchase. In the case of retailers, check the product tags. If you do not find details of cotton and its percentage, then it’s better just to skip the product.


All good things cost a premium. However, Diamond Bedding, as an online retailer does not have to pay for premium real estate, in-store employees, and so on, unlike the high street retailers. We save those costs and pass on those savings to you. So, the prices are relatively less in comparison to a regular physical store.


At Diamond Bedding, we have carefully designed and manufactured of all of our products to the highest standards and specs so that you don’t need to spend countless hours researching on what to look for in a product and then trying to find a retailer that stocks those requirements! Whether you need some new cotton bed linen, a goose down duvet or goose down pillows, we have it all.