Why is Goose Down So Popular and Expensive Than Feather?

A simple online search is all you need to do to learn about the vast difference that exists between goose down duvets and feather duvets. Goose down duvets, and goose down pillows are almost always considered to be the highest quality products, while feather duvets and feather pillows are considered to be value-for-money products. That is not to say that feather products are bad. But, the goose down products are so luxurious and premium that they make feather products look pale in comparison. Here is why.


Comfort for Longer Time

Goose down and feathers are two very different materials. No doubt feathers are soft. They have a rigid middle, which is the quill, and hair-like strands radiate out of them. These feathers protect the birds from cold, and also keep them dry by exposing the water to wind for drying. There is no doubt that feathers are excellent warming material. But, they have a major weakness. Over time, the feather pillows and duvets tend to stick together and flatten out. This deforms the pillows and duvets permanently, making them uncomfortable to users.

On the other hand, goose down is in the form of round clusters. When they come together, they make bigger clusters that are fluffier and even more comfortable. They do not lose their shape with time, which means that they last much longer than feather products. Further, goose down is the last line of defense against the elements of nature for the birds. Therefore, it is a lot warmer and comfortable than feathers.


Feathers Poke You After Some Time

With time and use, the strands of feathers get sticky and lose their fluffiness. However, the quills in their centers remain as strong as ever. Eventually, they begin to stick out of the pillows and duvets, and end up poking you. Imagine the spiky feathers poking you on your body, and your head. Good luck getting any sleep at night with these.

In comparison, there is nothing hard or poking out of goose down. So, even after years of usage, you will only feel its softness and warmth. If durability and long term usage are a priority, then goose down is a great choice.


The Power of Fill Power

Fill power is the ratio of volume to weight. The more fill power a material has, the less of it is required to provide the same volume of filling. Thus, when you use a fill material with high fill power, your duvets and pillows will be lighter. If you want the best material, then Hungarian goose down is considered by many to be absolutely the best in its class. When people really want to treat themselves to luxury, they go for Hungarian goose down pillows and Hungarian goose down duvets.

The feathers, on the other hand, do not have a fill power rating. This makes it difficult to differentiate between different quality feathers.


Softness and Comfort

Goose down comes with a variety of features. It keeps you both warm and cool. Goose down is a breathable material. Because of its high fill power, less goose down is required to fill up the pillows and duvets. Therefore, there is a lot of room within the goose down clusters for the air to circulate. It offers all of these features without ever compromising on the comfort factor. Feathers do not come with any of these advantages.


Premium Quality Product

Feathers are easy to obtain from the birds. Their low quality combined with their easy availability means that feathers are inexpensive. However, they do not offer the same level of insulation as goose down, which is way better than feathers.

What makes goose down so expensive is that goose down is extremely difficult to obtain. Compounding its rareness is the difference in the quality of goose down produced by different aged geese. Adult geese provide the softest, most comfortable, and highest fill power down. Young geese provide low quality down. So, taking care of the geese until they reach the adult stage, when it is the best time to get down from them, is an expensive enterprise. Despite all the effort involved, the down obtained from such adult geese has a great demand, especially among the luxury buyers.


Wicks Away Moisture

Goose down is an all-weather material. It wicks away any moisture on your body, and keeps you warm, cozy, and dry. During the summer, it aerates you. During the winter, it protects you from the chilliest winds. In fact, you will never feel those winds when you are snugly sleeping inside them.


Quality Difference is Often Overlooked

Not all goose down is super expensive. There many varieties of goose down that are, although not as cheap as feathers, are quite affordable. It is all about the source of the goose down. For instance, the Hungarian goose down pillows and Hungarian goose down duvets are among the most expensive choices. Similarly, Siberian goose down pillows and Siberian goose down duvets are in the same price segment. As you go lower in terms of quality, you will get different price options.

This is the advantage of goose down. You can get a large variety of goose down options at different prices. Some of the goose down pillows and goose down duvets are quite affordable too. But, if you want the very best, then the extra price is definitely worth it.


Final Thoughts

Going by the sheer numbers, feather products definitely outnumber the goose down products in terms of sales. Their inexpensiveness, and easy availability makes them a great option for someone who does not wish to indulge in luxury. However, to those for whom quality is the highest priority, goose down is quite an obvious choice. At the end of the day, both of them provide good insulation. But, goose down’s other features and characteristics are highly coveted by some consumers.