4 Reasons Why Diamond Bedding Is The Best Source For Goose Down Duvets In The Entire UK

4 Reasons Why Diamond Bedding Is The Best Source For Goose Down Duvets In The Entire UK


Goose down duvets are simply the pinnacle of luxury. If you’ve ever slept under one, then you’ve enjoyed the most amazing rest of your life. They keep you warm and cosy, and make you feel heavenly under them.

But, did you know that most goose down duvets do not contain a 100% down filling like ours do? That’s right. Most of the supposedly “goose down duvets” contain a certain percentage of feather filling in the small print as well.

Feel cheated, right? But, that’s the standard practice in the industry. Moreover, this is hardly a one-off incident. There are plenty of ways in which everyone from big retailers to the sellers on Amazon could be lying to you about the quality of your duvet. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? That’s the easy part. Find a retailer who follows the strictest quality control measures, and is open to sharing the various aspects of their services, such as the source of the goose down used in their products, the percentage of goose down in a goose down duvet, and so on.

Thankfully, you have one right in front of you – Diamond Bedding.

Below the video are the top reasons why Diamond Bedding should be the only place where you shop for your duvets:


1.      Only Source of Crème De La Crème Quality Goose Down Duvets

There are a great many varieties of goose down used as filling materials for duvets. The Hungarian goose down stands tall among them as the most premium type of goose down in the market. There are two things that make a Hungarian goose down duvet downright the best filling material in the world. For one, it is its superior fill power, which can be as high as 800 or even higher. Two, the cleaning, drying, and filling process employed on the down filling. This is where most manufacturers go wrong.


Some manufacturers cut down on their costs by not separating the bad quality down from the good quality down they obtain from the goose. This is particularly true for goose down products obtained from cheap manufacturing hubs, where cost is the primary criteria.


This is why Diamond Bedding sources all of its goose down products from reputable manufacturers, where the quality control regime is far stricter than that of other countries.


2.      Other Retailers and Manufacturers Have Lied to You About Siberian and Canadian Goose Down

Here’s an uncomfortable truth about Siberian goose down – there’s no such thing!


Seriously, Siberian goose down does not exist. It is a marketing gimmick. What they say is Siberian goose down does not come from Siberia. It comes from the same place where most of our clothes, shoes, and other things are manufactured – China! Not Siberia.


Then there’s the matter of Canadian Goose down. The good news is – it does exist. The bad news is – maybe not in your duvet. The goose down industry in Canada is not big as those in other countries like Hungary, Poland, or China. So, there has always existed a severe shortage of Canadian goose down in the market. So, manufacturers and retailers often use a dirty trick. They blend it with other varieties of goose down before filling it in the duvets. More often than not, your Canadian goose down duvet might contain down mixed from a few different countries.


Secondly, as we all know, where there is a shortage of something, its prices soar. Pure Canadian goose down is therefore used in designer clothes, which have expensive price tags only because of the rarity, brand name, and the name of the product’s designer. Not because of the quality of the goose down itself, which a lot of people can get confused with. This is important because Canadian goose down is dull and has low fill power. It can be heavy enough to feel suffocating on the chest.


Diamond Bedding does not mislead its customers. Therefore, you will never find Canadian goose down products or Siberian goose down products at Diamond Bedding.


3.      Animal Friendly

Do you know how the down is obtained from geese in some countries? It is obtained from live geese. They shear the geese for down. But, down is not as thick as, say, wool. So, the shearing process is an extremely painful process for the geese. Their pain is akin to being skinned. But, in the absence of any laws in some countries to regulate the down production, the manufacturers are having a field day torturing the hapless birds that cannot complain or do anything about their pain.


Diamond Bedding obtains all of its goose down products from the manufacturers who operate in a well-regulated environment, under the oversight of the countries laws, which protect the animals and birds. In countries like Hungary, Poland, and even North America, the down production is a strictly regulated business.


In such places, the down is collected without harming the animals for the purpose of obtaining the goose down. The goose undergoes a natural process called shedding, wherein the goose loses its outer, older layer of down that is replaced by a fresh, new layer. Manufacturers collect this down and subject it to specialised cleaning techniques to improve its quality. They also obtain down as a by-product from the meat industry, which otherwise would have gone wasted anyway.


Diamond Bedding makes sure that its products are obtained from only those manufacturers who have a highly reputable track record of strictly adhering to the ‘no harm to animals’ policy.


4.      Best Prices, Just About Anywhere

Diamond Bedding is neither a franchisee nor a high street retail chain. It also does not have a big store set up in the shopping centres nearest to you. Do you know what that means? It means no franchisee fees, no large overheads associated with brick and mortar stores, and definitely no high rent costs on commercial establishments on the high street.


In other words, the online retailer does not indulge in the big budget expenses that are typical of physical retailers. So, we save tons of money. Guess where that money goes? To you, of course. That’s right, whatever money we save by not indulging in such expensive activities, is transferred to the customers directly in the form of terrific discounts.


Every product listed on Diamond Bedding enjoys the most affordable price and is manufactured to the highest standards possible. 

Lastly, if you haven't already read our article on how we ensure that we only use the best quality goose down in your products, click here to read it! 


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