Why Goose Down Duvets Are Your Best Choice for the Summers

Why Goose Down Duvets Are Your Best Choice for the Summers

A goose down duvet is your protective shield, cuddle toy, and the best friend for the entire winter season. But, did you know that it’s a great buddy for the summer months too?

Seriously, a goose down duvet is one of the most comforting and pleasant things you can have to accompany you all through the summer. Wonder what a duvet that saved you from the frigid winters can do you for during the summers? Well, as it turns out, a lot actually. Here are the many ways in which a good goose down duvet can make even the summer nights amazing for you.


1.      Lightweight Luxury

Goose down duvets don’t just look like clouds, they feel like them too. They are refreshingly light. They do not come with a tonne of weight. So, they don’t feel heavy on your chest which means that you won’t suffocate under the sheer size of these duvets. Despite all the filling they carry, they feel as if you are wearing a cloud over yourself.

 If you have ever used a goose down duvet, you are spoilt for comfort. You can never settle for anything less; or in this case, a heavier duvet. That’s another reason why a goose down duvet is your best friend for all seasons.


2.      Breathable

This is the most important aspect of goose down duvets. They are phenomenally breathable. Come to think of it. The purpose of down is to not just protect the birds from intense cold, but also to regulate their body temperature. Geese are warm blooded and their temperature must be regulated within a certain limit. This is only possible when enough wind reaches their skin to take away the heat. The down protects the birds from the cold during the winters and keeps the bird well aerated, so that its body temperature is also optimally regulated during the summers.

Goose down, especially the Hungarian goose down, has the highest fill power among all filling materials. As a result, there’s plenty of teeny tiny air pockets locked in within the material. These air pockets keep the duvet well aerated and breathable throughout the night. So, even when you swaddle yourself in a goose down duvet like a burrito, the duvet keeps you superbly ventilated so that you can enjoy a deep sleep of relaxation.


3.      Wicks Away Moisture

The down is a natural wick. It takes the moisture away from your body, where it evaporates into the surroundings. Thus, you are left cool, dry, and comfy throughout the night. But remember, goose down’s wicking ability is only as good as its fabric allows it to be. As you can imagine, our high thread count cotton fabrics used on the goose down duvets does an excellent job at this.

When it comes to the months of summer, cotton and silk are two materials that are just perfect, despite their vast differences. Cotton is one of the most breathable materials out there and is soothingly comfortable on the skin. On top of it, it has fantastic moisture absorption ability. Whatever moisture it absorbs, the goose down wicks away from it, keeping you cool and dry inside. As for silk, it is easily the most luxurious materials on the skin and it has superior wicking ability that makes it a great choice for down duvets.

With the right duvet cover and the goose down to take away all the moisture from you for the entire night, you get to experience the pure luxury of the most satisfying sleep. Every single night.


4.      Naturally Anti-allergenic

Most of us are allergic to one thing or the other. If it isn’t the dust, then it is the pollen; if it isn’t the pollen, then it’s probably some bacteria. Well, the problem with the months of summer is that all of these allergens thrive in full bloom. There are many plants which pollinate during the months of summer and send hundreds of thousands of Brits into a sneezing spree. The dust and the bacteria always manage to reach every corner, every surface, and every item you touch, including your pillow covers, duvets, and bed, among other things. Good thing you have a duvet that is anti-allergenic.


Goose down duvets are naturally anti-allergenic. You see, down is designed to protect the birds from anything that causes them harm. That includes bacteria, fungi, microbes, and other things that may cause them rashes or other types of allergies. Therefore, goose down duvets are anti-allergenic by design. They protect you from most of the allergy-inducing agents and help you sleep peacefully throughout the night.



5.      Easy Care Means Lazy Weekends

Folks everywhere just want a place to collapse after hours of restless work and stress. That’s why everyone everywhere is always trying to make their bedrooms the most comfortable places in their homes. But, you don’t want to be comfortable during the week nights only to end up slogging away the precious weekends on laundry now, do you? That’s why you need extreme convenience to go with extreme comfort. Something that only goose down duvets can offer.


Goose down duvets are totally low maintenance products. And by low maintenance, we mean wayyy low maintenance. They actually need not be washed for multiple years. They retain very little dirt on or inside of them. If you are someone highly prone to allergy, then you might have to get them cleaned every year or so, to get rid of the body oils and allergens that accumulate on the duvet covers. And, even when you must clean, remember that they are machine washable. How amazing is that!


So, your weekends are saved from any washing chore. Wake up straight for the brunch, plan a day with your family, or go for a hike. After all, it is summer and a day out is a day of fun.


Your weekend is back in your control, thanks to your low maintenance duvet.

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  • Alana Williams