7 Signs You Need a Goose Down Duvet for This Winter

7 Signs You Need a Goose Down Duvet for This Winter

 We all love a warm, cozy duvet that protects us from the ice monsters of the winter. Come every winter, we prepare ourselves with the softest, warmest, and the most beautiful duvet that we can buy. Yet, without an exception, we end up shivering in the middle of the night, or wake up in the morning with less than a healthy amount of sleep. Not to mention the heavy weight of some duvets invariably leave some of us with a suffocating feeling. So, you grudgingly spend another winter scolding the bleak weather of the UK. Well, that’s not going to help much, does it? So, why not pick the most comfortable, and warm duvet in the world – a goose down duvet – and spend this winter in pure blissful warmth! Here are 7 signs that tell you that you need a goose down duvet to survive this winter.


If You Keep Experiencing Cold Spots

How many nights have you spent waking up in the middle of the night wondering where and how the cold wafts of air are entering your duvet? You’ve probably lost the count, haven’t you?


Most of the duvets in the market are made of materials that are not designed to stay fluffy for long. Cotton, microfibre, hollowfibre and many other fill materials lose their fluffiness over time. Therefore, they are treated in the manufacturing plants with chemicals to keep them fluffy temporarily. Once the effects of the chemicals wear off, these fill materials begin to clump together. As a result, the space between two clumps becomes a conduit for cold air to penetrate through the duvet. Thus, you end up spending the winter nights in your bed twitching from one side to another, not knowing where the cold air is breaking into your cozy duvet fortress. Now you know where.


If you want duvets that have a fill material that is naturally fluffy and stays so, then you need a goose down duvet. Any good quality goose down duvet will have fill material with superior fill power. Fill power is basically a measure of how fluffy the fill material is. Because goose down is naturally fluffy, your duvet will stay fluffy and without clumps even after years of usage.


When a Full Cycle of Sleep Feels Like a Distant Memory

The Sleep Council recommends that most of the duvets should be replaced within 5 years of their purchase. There are many reasons for this. One is that the fill material in the duvets forms lumps. Secondly, many materials like silk, polyester, and others become a breeding ground for allergens. With regular use, the oil released from the human skin sticks to the duvets. These sticky areas become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and other microbes, which can cause anything from infections to allergies.

Regular cleaning and washing cleans away most of these microbes. But, with each wash, some of the bacteria remain. After years of usage, the oils and microbes will have penetrated so deep into the duvets that they are rendered unhealthy for any user. In fact, many of the synthetic as well as all-natural fill material duvets only have a lifetime of up to 2 years.


On the other hand, top of the range duvets like Hungarian goose down duvets, Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvets can last for as much as 15-20 years, thanks to their natural, anti-allergic properties. So, if you have been experiencing less than perfect sleep time these days, if your Circadian rhythm has been tossed out the window, then it might be time to invest in a good quality Hungarian goose down duvet.


When Filling Starts Leaking

Good quality duvets come with high thread count covers, which have great strength and last a long time. On the other hand, low quality duvets have poor stitching, low thread count covers, and generally poor workmanship. Naturally, the fill material begins to leak from the duvets after some time. Putting the fill material back into the duvet and re-stitching it won’t help, because the leaking fill material is a sign of the duvet cover losing its strength. The leaking will continue even after re-stitching. The leaks will simply happen somewhere else now.


So, pick a good duvet that features covers of higher thread count. Finding a good duvet can be quite a difficult task. Goose down duvets, in general, come with high quality covers that are durable as well as comfy on the skin. And, yes, goose down duvets can be quite expensive, especially when you are shopping for the high end products like Hungarian goose down duvets. But, if you know where to look, such as Diamond Bedding, then you can land some pretty steep discounts and still get to enjoy the most luxurious goose down duvet out there.


If You Feel Suffocated or As If Your Chest is Weighed Down

Some people like heavy duvets. Some people don’t. If you belong to the latter group, and has suffered through the suffocation that a heavy duvet brings with it, then it’s finally time to make the switch. Goose down is arguably the lightest fill material for duvets. They give you a truly feather-touch (literally) experience. You won’t even notice their weight. In fact, the only way you will notice them is through the amazing warmth they provide you and the way they drape over you.


People who do not like heavier duvets wake up in the morning with inexplicable body aches. Sometimes, it is their chest, sometimes it is their shoulders, and so on. The body pain can last throughout the day, rendering them unable to focus on either their work or their family. A good lightweight duvet, such as a goose down duvet, will never cause any such body pains. You get a full sleep, having rested pleasantly throughout the night, under the most luxurious duvet available in the market.


Final Thoughts

A good duvet is not one that is just within your budget, and offers you protection from the cold. A good duvet is one that delivers you a full night’s worth of uninterrupted sleep, no matter what season.

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  • Jason James