Diamond Bedding Secrets: Why Are We Cheaper and Better Than UK's Popular Retailers?

Diamond Bedding Secrets: Why Are We Cheaper and Better Than UK's Popular Retailers?

Our lovely and amazing shoppers keep showering us with praises and applauds for the oh-so-premium quality goose down products we offer at Diamond Bedding. We receive tons of calls, emails and messages from happy customers who keep asking us how we manage to keep our prices so low, despite the exceptional quality of our products. Well, that’s a business secret – a secret that we are going to share with you today. Yayyy!

When you purchase goose down pillows or duvets from high street retailers, you don’t just pay for the products that you need. Instead, you also pay for a whole bunch of other things that you never needed and didn’t ask for either. It is these unnecessary, wasteful things that add up the cost of your purchases substantially.

Small retailers have less bargaining power in terms of purchases from suppliers. So, they end up purchasing for higher prices and therefore sell them to you at higher prices. Bigger retail chains have an entirely different set of problems. Their large operations allow them to bargain better prices from their suppliers, but they have a lot more employees, overheads and other operational costs that blow up the costs for them anyway. Guess who ends up paying for all those additional costs? You, the customer.

If you are wondering just what these costs are, let us give you a quick overview.


Real Estate

If you are a retailer, then you must be located at a place that is frequented by shoppers. Otherwise, your sales will take a hit. For large retailers, the stakes are particularly high. So, they pay hefty rentals to be located at one of the premium locations – shopping centres, high streets and so on. The rentals at these premium locations often run into millions of pounds per year. That’s right. Millions!

An online operation like ours can be located in different parts around the country where the real estate costs are paltry and it would not make any difference to our shoppers. We just have to get them quality products in time and that’s exactly what we do. We don’t have dozens of stores zigzagging across the country. We ship everything from our warehouses located in places that don’t cost us a fortune in rent. Savings for us means savings for you.



Have you visited any retail store lately? How many employees do you notice there? There are cashiers, store managers, the so-called retail assistants who do not assist as much as stand around you while you shop, security teams who are monitoring CCTV from their offices as well as visible loss prevention staff.  Also, don’t forget all those people in large retail chains who work behind the scenes that you’ll never see. These include operations managers, Chief Executives and so on. Large retailers employ an army of these multi-level managers, and they all come with hefty pay packages. The salaries of all these people come from the same source – your purchases.

When you are purchasing from a store like us, there are no cashiers to take your payment, there are no shopping assistants that stand around all day, no store cleaning staff are required to maintain the store either. Imagine how much that saves us every month, every year? No wonder our premium quality products are cheaper!

Do you want to know what’s even more awesome? We can offer you 24/7 service through our emails and live chat without blowing up our costs. If a retailer tries to do that, then their sheer manpower costs will multiply many times over. They’ll have to hire another set of people for night operations. Not to mention the overtime costs for all this manpower. When you purchase with Diamond Bedding, you get 24/7 services without us having to break a sweat about hiring more people. That means even more cost savings for us, which we pass on to you.


The Glitz, The Glamour, and Everything Else

When you visit our Diamond Bedding website, everything you see there is digital. The website, the information, and even the shopping cart is digital. Likewise, the products are shipped from locations that are close, so that shipping is fast and inexpensive which is why we can offer free next day delivery with an accurate 1 hour time slot. Everything is different in the case of a retail store.

The product must be showcased in an appealing way in the store. That includes the right kind of lighting, the right kind of decorations to make things attractive for you, and even the light music humming in the background. Not to mention all the expenses related to heating and air conditioning. So much money is spent just to keep things looking attractive and to make it convenient for you to shop. All those costs accrue over time to increase the prices of the goose down products at the retailers.

What’s more, they feel that since it’s a premium product, shoppers will pay extra money anyway.

But premium does not always need to mean expensive, does it!? We have proved that by now.


Closing Thoughts

How many times have you decided to not purchase something like a goose down duvet or something like that at a retailer just because they were marginally expensive? That’s right. If you like a product at a physical store, you won’t bother to go to the next store just to save a pound or two. They count on that to keep their prices high. For us on the other hand, the competition online is intense and very real as customers can compare between numerous websites within a matter of minutes. Also, since our operations spread across the world (thanks to our free shipping policy), we compete with online retailers in every major country. So, when you purchase products from us, our prices are not only competitive in comparison to UK retailers, but also the international retailers.

That’s the big secret behind Diamond Bedding products staying premium as well as affordable.

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